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Published on June 1st, 2015 | by Gabe


You Are Not Making Enough Money Because The System Is Broken – See How!

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Many individuals choose ARIIX because of it’s incredible suite of products, leadership, and income opportunity. There are many cases made acknowledging the benefits of becoming an ARIIX distributor. The acclamation to healthy lifestyle, the income opportunity, and the ever expanding global ARIIX community full of like minded individuals that are not only reaping health benefits but financial rewards.

Though reason’s are aplenty for why individuals choose to become an ARIIX distributor, the reality goes well beyond the product sales pitch, or the opportunity sales pitch. We join ARIIX to make more money! Money that is otherwise limited by a national minimum wage of $7.25. Money that is limited by enormous student loan debt, credit card debt, and the ever rising cost of living. We are limited in our capacity to save money because we are spending a great deal of it just to keep our heads dry and actually get ahead!


ARIIX helps individuals beyond minimum wage work

The Trade Off Is Lopsided

The trade off of time and money just to keep a home has become so lopsided that dual earning households are a necessity, two jobs are the norm. Can you imagine having to work 86 hours a week ?

Student Loan Debt


With nearly a third of college graduates dropping out of school, yet carrying an average of $27,000.00 in student loan debt that amounts to nothing more than a part-time job at Starbucks or waiting tables at a Chili’s diner near you, is another indication that THE SYSTEM IS BROKEN! In 10 years your college education will break even with your median salary! From a business perspective it would make more sense to carry $0 student loan debt and work at Walmart, and that’s a sad truth!

Credit Card Debt


Total consumer debt is a whopping $2.4 trillion dollars, now the avg. median income is $28,774 throw in $27,000 in student loans, and another $15,788 in credit card debt and you can see just how broken the system truly is, and it’s disgusting!

Income Growth Disparity

Infographic 1

Since 1979 there has been a disproportionate allocation of wealth with stagnating growth among the lower fringes. For many of us in this generation, the idea was that a great education will help us jump income classes, but does the costs of education in 2015 actually mean income growth or income class jumps ? Not exactly – According to an article from the Washington Post 4 out of 5 college students graduate without jobs.



For those who are looking to start a home based business, ARIIX certainly has to appeal to you! want even more proof ? Check out the ARIIX average earnings report for 2014.

Now if you have gotten this far, it is very easy to see that the system is BROKEN, student loans are government revenue streams, from the moment the loan is issued to you, to the moment you jump up 1 spot in the tax bracket, the Government is not only profiting but penalizing you via progressive taxation because you are making more money! As you can see it is all part of the plan to keep you poor and a dependent revenue source, and it’s disgustingly broken!

From rising housing costs, to rising consumer costs – inflation (which equals rising debt), rising tax rates, increased tax revenue, and open wallet government spending, the system is broken and you are footing the bill, while remaining poor!

AND THEN ALL OF A SUDDEN STARTING AN ARIIX BUSINESS, doesn’t sound too scary does it ?

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