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Published on April 7th, 2015 | by Gabe


Why You Wasted 657,450 Hours Of Your Life!

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You are wasting time!

The average lifespan is about 75 years, accounting for anomalies like leap year every 4 years, simple math will conclude that you have about 657,450 hours to live!

Sure that seems like a lot of time until we do the math and account for sleep and well we need to subtract about 219,000 hours – that leaves us with about 438,450 hours of life awake and productive!

Now there are 260 weekdays in a year, days that traditionally constitute a work week for the average employee ! We do a little math with an avg work day of 8 hours, With a work history starting at the age of  25 (post graduate school) and ending at 65 or 40 years total! Yes I know some will say I have worked all my life, but let me make my point! 260 days a year * 8 hours a day * 40 years = 83,200 hours

We are now left with 355,250 hours!

Lets do some more math throughout grade school we spent nearly 1,000 hours per year from the age of 4/5 to the age of 17/18 – Let’s subtract another 13,000 hours from our otherwise productive 355,250 hours and we are left with 342,250 hours!

  • We spend 32,098 hours eating in our lifetime
  • We spend 37,935 hours driving in our lifetime
  • We spend 28,300 hours surfing the internet in our lifetime (according to this study)
  • With an average of 2.8 hours per day the average American will spend 80,486 hours watching TV in their lifetime

The above bullet points total to a whopping 178,819 hours of our life, leaving us with 163,431 hours to pursue our dreams!

So we start out with 657,450 hours to live (75 years) but only have on average 163,431 hours or 18 years to TRULY LIVE!

I am sorry but I want to maximize my experience here on this planet. I want to make every hour count, make every moment of my life meaningful. I want to pursue my dreams, and as ARIIX suggests, unleash my human potential. My life taxed for hours with distractions, inefficiency, and required sleep like the IRS taxes my income!

When you begin to value your time, you begin to value yourself, you begin to realize your worth, you begin making those hard decisions, taking the needed risks to reach your potential, and your happiness, why ? Because there isn’t a whole lot of time to do so!

A lot of us get the magic kick in the ass in our 30’s realizing we are not happy with life, we could have been so much more, yes we could have, if we just spent more time following our passions than being distracted by non-productive habits, and you know sorry to say this but –


Recently we saw hourly wage wins for employees at some of our favorite retailers! Walmart & McDonald’s. However, 13 CEOs of a group of well-known retailers and restaurants haul in an average $5,859 an hour according to a USA TODAY analysis of data from S&P Capital IQ.

Putting that another way: It would take an employee making $10 a hour more than two months working each day to earn as much as the average CEO in these industries make in a single hour.

So for the average person trading precious hours for money is a horrible trade unless you are AT THE TOP!

This surely amplifies the idea that, “as long as you love what you are doing it’s not called work”

Yes because you will have to be sure that you are trading those all too valuable hours for something you love doing, those lost hours become meaningful only when that happens. When you pursue your dreams, you are bringing value added hours back to your life.

Entrepreneurs have a knack for passions/dreams and they want to be compensated for it! Think chef turned restaurant owner. Actually anyone with a passion wants to be compensated, from cooks, app developers (think Angry birds) artists, to athletes, and YOUTUBE super stars! What do all these individuals have in common ? They put in crazy hours pursuing their dreams!


“When we pursue our passions, regular joe’s are saying we are wasting our time”

But who is really wasting their time here?

So the next time you ask yourself should “I CHOOSE ARIIX” just think of how many HOURS you truly have left to make a success out of yourself! ARIIX as a community bleeds success, and has helped more people achieve their goals in the shortest amount of time than I have ever witnessed!

Your hours are counted, sorry that this article wasted 5 minutes of your precious hour, but hopefully just hopefully you realize you potential sooner rather than later, and maximize the next 55 minutes of your life by DOING WHAT YOU LOVE!

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