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Published on June 7th, 2015 | by Gabe


My Ariix Slenderiiz Journey – You’re Invited

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So welcome to my journey of weight loss.

ARIIX has changed the game of health and nutrition with their amazing product Slenderiiz – Now having worked with ARIIX  as a marketing consultant and distributor for a better part of 4 years I was reticent about my curiosity with Slenderiiz. I was one of those bulking guys who looked good in clothes as I filled the shoulders off nice, big humongous arms, and at the gym the bench press was telling me “hey you’re getting stronger, don’t worry about what you look like!” I was content with being a strong mule, a power lifters body that truly served NO FUNCTION since i didn’t compete. I sit behind a desk all day while I go through my bullet list of marketing objectives and goals. So my thought was simple, who cares what I look like, I LOOK GOOD, and FEEL STRONG!

My performance at the gym blinded me to what I really looked like to the world, and myself. I wondered if I bought my home with one of those slimming mirrors from the circus or that my mind fixated or became addicted to the fact that I could hang with the biggest and baddest son of a $^&* at the gym, from squats to deadlifts to benches and curls, thus I had the “Shallow Hal” effect upon myself!

So I did a BLIND TEST!

I decided I would integrate the Slenderiiz System into my regimen, I followed Slenderiiz to the very letter! This would be a blind test… I would have someone take a picture of me, I could not see the picture again it was a BLIND TEST … I could only see the picture once I agreed I wanted to take an  AFTER PHOTO!

What I saw BLEW MY $%^&*@# MIND !!!!

After 90 days, never looking back, and wondering what that before photo actually looked like I agreed “hey let’s do it”, let’s really see how much Slenderiiz really works (again with my personal tweaks) since I wanted to focus on more body sculpting than a full fledged assault on fate and weight loss!


Slenderiiz Weight Loss Before & After

I ASK THAT YOU ALL FOLLOW ME AS I UPDATE THIS POST OVER THE NEXT 30 days, and then another 30 days from then … Where I will post another after photo to compare to the after photo! Wish me luck!


See what I did there ??? LOL Blind test, didn’t see it LOL!



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