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Blog ARIIX Going Bang In MLM industry

Published on April 28th, 2015 | by Gabe


MLM is Dying, Where’s The Smoking Gun ?

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Is MLM Dying ?

If I have to answer this question via email one more time I am going to summons a warlock, and spam every one of you with a Youtube link to Michael Bolton’s Christmas album I promise! So instead of replying or setting up some random “out of office” auto-responder filtered to manage this ridiculous question I figured to answer  for all to read.

So please I ask that you save my inbox from unnecessary parsing and share this post with anyone who:

A) Truly wants to know the answer!
B) Is a Michael Bolton fan

So is MLM dying ? the answer is NO! With Companies such as ARIIX experiencing exponential growth year over year, the question comes across as ignorant, biased, and very similar to “bro-science”!

Broscience – is the predominant brand of reasoning in bodybuilding circles where the anecdotal reports of jacked dudes are considered more credible than scientific research.

MLM broscience – is the brand of reasoning in the MLM circles where blog posts, reviews, and forum rants about MLM, a particular company, or compensation plan are considered more credible than the actual financial performance of a company, and or distributors.

This type of reasoning coupled with the ability to do a Google search has become the anti-hero for the network marketing industry. There is absolutely no successful organization in this industry that does not have the word scam tied to it, or wasteful banter about someone’s personal horror story with the bait and switch a’la “smoking gun” about some new company with incredible products, compensation plan, and people becoming Quadrillionaires overnight “without any effort” – Wait that’s not a smoking gun, it’s a concentration camp reminiscent of Nazi brain washing and torture! Sure you can follow Hitler all you want…

But be my guest and click the links below that will take you to all of the nonsense mentioned above!


Review Sites & Blog Post - Tend to be gospel in this industry, where the due diligence seeker comes across some damning review or blog post and bam! “the smoking gun.” Now at the surface it seems as if this review site or blog post is doing you a favor, but really what it is doing is pulling you into the “MLM black hole” where one company is slammed while another company is lauded for it’s compensation plan, products, leadership, or number of individuals making money! The bait and switch is so obvious although not to the casual reader!

Let’s use Herbalife for example just to show you how how this mechanism works – BTW I am team ARIIX but Herbalife has become the poster child to self serving abuse in the MLM industry. I present to you EXHIBIT A – Bill Ackman

Bill Ackman

Bill Ackman is an example of the bait and switch “review”  that we read everyday on the internet except for one thing! His war isn’t on the search results luring potential prospects away from your organization to pad his pockets with a 6 figure annual income. His war is much bigger with a cool Billion dollars at stake and the playing field is WALL STREET!

In December 2012, Bill Ackman shared his 342 page diatribe at the Ira Sohn Conference which he brazenly called Herbalife “a pyramid scheme” and pressured federal regulators to investigate. (The Federal Trade Commission launched an investigation. The FBI and Attorney Generals in several states have also jumped at Bill Ackman’s assumed “smoking gun.”

What makes his position peculiar? His hedge fund, Pershing Square Capital, was crowned the top fund of 2014 after posting gains over 40%, well above the industry average of closer to 2%, thanks to Herbalife’s poor stock performance orchestrated by his public PR attacks!

This is a stark contrast from 2013 when returns of Pershing Square hedge fund were drastically hurt by the nearly 140% increase in Herbalife’s stock (source forbes magazine). Bill Ackman shorted Herbalife at $47 a share at the moment of this writing Herbalife is sitting at a healthy $42.56 (get live ticker data here)

Bill Ackmans cry for an FTC investigation was simply a ploy to devalue the stock and allow him to realize enormous profits on his BET to short Herbalife. After falling to a low of $27.60 a share on Jan. 7 — the very same day as his interview with USA TODAY — Herbalife’s stock is soaring back to life.

Now how does a man go vigilante on a company that according to him has destroyed the AMERICAN dream, and causing many to lose money while at the very same time he is attempting to exploit the financial system and defame an organization, so that he can LIVE HIS to the tune of $1,000,000,000.00 – Snake Oil salesman alert!

So who ever is saying that the MLM industry is DYING or a company is a scam, be sure to double check their “smoking gun”, chances are its nothing more than a “squirt gun”



Companies such as ARIIX, Herbalife, Amway, even Mary Kay will have their detractors, yet so does the :

  • The President of The United States
  • The Dallas Cowboys (NFL)
  • Apple
  • Microsoft

The point here is everyone is entitled to an opinion, everyone is entitled to make up their own mind, but no one is entitled to belittle something or someone for self service, it’s ugly, unsophisticated, and speaks volumes of yourself as an individual, organization, and motive!

Is MLM dying ? Here’s Your Proof (Now You Know)

According to Google trends search volume and importance, HELL NO!


What About ARIIX ? UH NOPE

This normalized data provided by Google will tell you beyond a shadow of a doubt that both MLM and ARIIX has entered a very strong stable growth phase. Now this is your SMOKING GUN! let the pundits know why you CHOOSE ARIIX!

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