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Published on May 11th, 2015 | by Gabe


Life Explained In Jelly Beans 28,835 Days

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Life Explained In Jelly Beans, this video is mind boggling and aligns itself with a post I wrote April 7th “Why You Wasted 657,450 Hours Of Your Life”

Having worked with ARIIX to make a long lasting difference in the lives of others! When you put 28,835 days into perspective you begin to ask yourself. “Am I doing enough?” and with so many individuals living life passively, selflessly, or aimlessly, I hope the video below will begin to start turning some gears. If you only had 28,835 days to live, what would you want to accomplish? What would be your life’s mission? Have you truly given it your all to achieve your dreams? Remember time flies, as do jelly beans.

ARIIX give us the chance to live our life with purpose,to help others and to achieve our goals! But nothing explains how the clock is ticking better than the video below.

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