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Published on April 14th, 2014 | by Gabe


Ariix – Are The Reviews Honest ?

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Ariix Reviews Are They Genuine ?

Every potential Ariix partner has the right to due diligence. The process typically includes jumping on Google and searching specific keywords. Though I am pretty sure that you may not need a keyword list it becomes near impossible to do a search on Ariix or any company without running into some “John” who is bashing the company or who is leveraging the “Ariix” trademark in hopes that the “research” traffic gets sidetracked into their opportunity.

The MLM Game

The game in MLM as I have witnessed over the past 10 years is to simply say hey their products suck and ours are better. I would imagine that is just free market enterprise at work. You see, Toyota does it to Ford, Ford does it to Chevy, Chevy does it to Hyundai, Hyundai does it to Honda, and this never ending cycle of WE ARE BETTER is a good thing! You see competition fuels innovation, and outdoing each other is what makes the auto industry progressive.

Enter Ariix, a young company that has grown exponentially in sales from $0 to upwards $50,000,000 (yes $50 million) in just a few shorts years, the “New Kid On The Block” is surely getting attention.

Ariix once a small company based out of Bountiful UTAH is now globally recognized. Honored at the OGDSF global network marketing conference – Ras Al Khaimah, United Arab Emirates. The award, which recognizes innovation and excellence in corporate management, was presented to ARIIX CEO Fred Cooper, who represented the company at the conference. So it is quite obvious how the Ariix brand has now been vacuumed into the same conversation with other great companies.

The Motive

So why bash a company and cross promote your opportunity to those super “savvy” due diligence seekers ready to put their money down and change their lives forever ?

Quite simple: The Due Diligence seeker has already been introduced to the Brand, Industry, Opportunity, and “due diligence” is usually the second step in the purchase process where the potential business partner as already consciously committed themselves but need that extra oopmh before they pluck down the cash. What follows the due diligence process ? The PURCHASE ! so you have parasitic type of marketers who will create videos on YOUTUBE, create blogs so that GOOGLE can introduce you to THEM, and leverage OTHER COMPANY BRAND keywords and phrases such as “Ariix” – “Ariix Review” – “Ariix Scam” to persuade you to NOT JOIN ARIIX but to JOIN THEIR BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY

The Question ?

If a marketer has to assume a parasitic marketing tactic just to get customers, could it simply mean that:

  1. Their marketing tactic is ill advised
  2. Their products are week and cannot stand alone in the market place (Hence using Trademarked Keywords To Get Noticed)
  3. They do no have an established brand
  4. They are probably fly by night marketers with a shelf life of 12 days
  5. They just started MLM yesterday and want to be your GURU

It could mean one or all of the above!

So in summary I dare say every negative Ariix review should be doubted, grossly dismissed, because who would you rather believe, some guy with his hair half done, or a company that enroute to doing over $100,000,000 (yes $100 million) in the very near future ?

My bet is on Ariix – An incredible company with some pretty amazing products with testimonials to BOOT ! You cannot deny 100lb weight loss testimonials with Slenderiix! This is just even more proof as to why Ariix is the most targeted and attacked company in the industry right now.  It’s not because the company is bad or because it’s a scam, or whatever reason your recent “review” read presented. Simply put! Ariix is kicking ass, the industry is noticing, and everyone is afraid, afraid that you too “MAY TOO CHOOSE ARIIX”

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