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Blog Ariix has created what is called the Ariix Founders club, an unprecedented development in the MLM - Network Marketing Industry

Published on June 23rd, 2014 | by Gabe


ARIIX Founders Club Explained

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As the industry leader in innovation ARIIX is broken new ground time and again to improve the reputation other direct selling industry and enrich the lives of our representatives. The ARIIX Founders Club is beyond innovation it will forever change who was at the top of multi-level marketing. Watch The Full Video Below

Some of the highlights of the ARIIX founders club is that not only does it benefit those who become included in this exclusive club, but it also benefits distributors who count on their leaders to be the face of their organization. This club will allow communication to be fully streamlined from the top to the bottom. This silo like executive structure simply means that marketing plans, team, and corporate strategies much easier to execute, thus ALLOWING ARIIX unprecedented growth in 2014 and beyond!


This prestigious invitation is your chance to become more than an ARIIX leader. You’ll be an industry icon because of you’re unprecedented rights and powers as the backbone in the face of ARIIX!  Bringing so many to this organization sharing your talent and unleashing the human potential for good.

Once a founders club memeber, You will have a seat as an  ARIIX executive, and will bridge the gap between the company and the field.  ARIIX FOUNDERS CLUB MEMBERS shape the future of ARIIX in matters such as policy changes, promotions, product pricing, and compensation plan modifications.


More than that, when you become a founders club member you’ll serve as an advocate an intermediary for representatives in your country with the power to help make critical decisions. ARIIX will allow club members to have the ability to overturn representative terminations. This serves as a check and balance measure preventing ARIIX from being the sole judge of company matters


If you read the fine print of other MLM companies representative agreements, you’ll see that the company wins every turn. In other companies if you achieve a high level success they are financially motivated to be a vigilant prosecutor. To find a way to terminate your contract keeping your sales organization and your commissions for their profit leaving you nothing.

The ARIIX compensation plan is designed so that we do not financially benefit from the termination of others.  The ARIIX founders club and Bill of Rights give power back to the grid if the top representative in your market is terminated based on a contractual violation they have the right to appeal to the founder’s club members for a balanced reevaluation to possibly overturn the decision.

Lynn Allen-Johnson - ARIIX Founders Club Member
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