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Blog Learn what it takes to take your mlm marketing business to the next level with these incredible 10 tips

Published on April 7th, 2014 | by Gabe


10 MLM Marketing Tips

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Throughout the history of man we have been amazed by the accomplishments of others. We sit in awe at the accomplishments of the Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton, Bill Gates, Alexander Graham Bell, The Wright Brothers, hell we can even throw Howard Stern in there.

Now it is not fair to say that Ariix is like any other MLM out there, as I truly believe the company to be in a league of it’s own, but this is not about Ariix. This article will highlight the 10 most effective tips to marketing your MLM, you see my forte is the internet, have made a very solid living off of it, not the multiple six figures that you see and hear plastered over and over on these lead capture pages, but a solid living that I would not command had I decided to go the corporate career route. Yes 45K a year sounds great entry level and when I was 23 but here I am 32 and 45K a year just does not cut it for my family and I. The internet has afforded me to double if not triple that entry level income consistently over the past 10 years.


So 90K to 135K a year is not something to sneeze about, hell even the tax man thinks so. The Ariix lesson comes in the form of time not money. The Ariix opportunity does more than just create a solid income, Ariix makes that income residual. Before Ariix, making my kings ransom required long hours, sweat, and blood, yes blood, as single sheets of paper sought to exact revenge on my all too innocent fingers :), paper cut crime scenes were the norm… and in my restless pursuit of supporting my family something clicked. I WAS WORKING TOO HARD !!!

Having learned leverage through consequence of a client turned dear friend Lynn Allen-Johnson I learned the Ariix lesson. With a compensation plan that is geared towards long term compounding residual income I decided to put my talents to work, and I have not looked back since.

Past The Lesson & On With The Tips …

  1. Focus on the long term goal as opposed to the immediate goals (your focus should be on building relationships not building your secret money stash between the mattress)
  2. Love to learn and embrace your role as a life long learner. Even with 10 years under my belt manipulating the search engines I still learn… Why ? because the moment you stop is the moment you become outdated and everyone knows what happened to Sears right ? stuck in the 80’s ? and knocked off their retail thrown.
  3. Stop calling yourself a GURU, credibility in this industry does not come from self descriptions but from the value derived from your readers.
  4. Landing pages are great, but blogs that capture user information are much better… Tools such as http://popupdomination.com/and Aweber can work in conjunction with your content. Landing pages are one and done but blogs keep the potential customer coming back hence increasing your chance of landing a lead.
  5. Inform do not sell, no one likes to be sold, but everyone likes to make  informed decisions. So use any supporting content/media or team calls you have at your disposal.
  6. The products are great, but the education curve is to steep, use testimonials, examples, product samples. Slenderiiz offers a great deal of proof of weight loss results. People want to see others succeed before they can see themselves succeeding. This is human nature
  7. Stay committed, think Michael Jordan, or any other icon who illustrate hard work, commitment, passion, then fill your room with their quotes or like images.
  8. Procrastination is like masturbation in the beginning it’s fun, but in the end you are just screwing yourself. Everyday is an opportunity for massive action, and every day that passes brings you closer to that one day where your life get’s summed up … take advantage of every minute, hour, and day to be progressive
  9. Do not take advice from mediocre people, remember your goal is to be exceptional, and mediocre people are pros at being just avg, their advice will not offer any glimpse to massive success.
  10. JUST DO IT – sounds simple, and in fact it is – JUST DO IT!

So there you have it, 10 mlm marketing tips, that will surely lead you in the right direction, so what are you waiting for ? Let’s get to work.

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